Trainyas – Srividya foundation has been established with the intention of spreading the authentic information about “Srividya” which is the foremost vidya explained by Indian ancient scriptures like Veda & Upanishads. Observing that those who recite Lalitha sahasranama, upasakas of sri Lalitha mahatripurasundari have minimal knowledge of devi's appearance, hence Trayinyas decided to bring images of Srichakra puravasini sri Lalitha mahatripurasundari and her dieties (anga upanga devatas) according to their dhyana shlokas. at the very first instance peetam in 1998 came up with oil paintings of Sri Mahakali, Sri Mahalakshmi, Sri Mahasaraswathi, Trigunathmika Rupa of Sri Chandikaparameshwari.

Even to this day upasakas worship these paintaings during Chandi homa's, which are conducted in many parts of the country. learning the importance of these paintings peetam again came up with pictures of chidagni kunda sambhootha Sri Lalithatripurasundari, Sri Balatripurasundari, Sri Rajashyamala, Sri Mahavaarahi, Sri Mahashodashi Sri Kameshwara Kameshwari, Sri Mookaambika & Sapthamathrika paintings.
With all the gratitudes towards Devi we feel happy to mention that these paintainigs are being worshipped by many great upasakas as well as devotees of sri Lalitha. These paintings are not only found in many parts of India like Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andrapradesh, Gujarath, varanasi but have reached different parts around the globe.
It was Bhasurananda Natha (Sri Bhaskararaya Makhi) who stressed the importance of Srichakrarchane & importance of Srividya anushtana after Sri Shankaracharya. He was born 300 years ago in Bijapur district of Karnataka. Later he went to Kashi for his early education & then to Maharashtra where he served most of his life spreading the valuble information on Srividya. He left his mortal body in Tanjavore district of Bhaskararajapura. In khadi parampara he is revered as one of the great Srividya upasaka. It is also said that sri Lalithatripurasundari herself had conversed with him. One of his greatest work is “Soubhagya Bhaskara” which is the Bhashya written by him on Sri Lalithasahasranama. Peetam has come up with his pictures as well. We remember him with great reverence and gratitude as we also belong to the same parampara.
Expanding the seva of Devi, peetam has come up with "SRI VANCHAKALPALATHA SRIVIDYA GANESHA" painting. It is like another feather on the cap of peetam since there are hardly any pictures or idols of Vanchakalpalatha in whole India. since a privileged part of society has been reaping the benefits of this anushtana [which was regarded as highly secret vidya (gupta vidya)]. Peetam with the good intention of taking this unaccessed vidya to every sectors of society.To achive the noble cause of spreading the vidya to the entire society peetam has come up with Audio CD called “Srividya” which is in Sanskrit language. The highlight of this cd is it contains songs based on nava-varnageetha with 9 different ragas.

Since 1998 Trayinyas is celebrating navarathri in a special way by performing Srichakrarchana, Navavarnapooja, Lalitha mahayaga & several special homa’s like Mahavishnu Dashavatara homa, Vanchakalpalatha homa & Chandi havanas are specifically performed during these 9 days. Devotees in huge numbers participate & seek the blessings of devi on this auspicious occassion.
Several saints & upasakas of well known shakti peetam have been part of these Navarathri pooja & have blessed us.

Peetam has installed Srichakra ardhameru(made of silver) Sri Lalitha & her (anga upanga devatha) family of deities idols & is celebrating this day as anniversary (prathista dina) every year. Apart from this on every Poornima (full moon day) & Amavasya, Krishnashtami, Sankramana & other important days Srichakrarchane & Navavarna pooja are performed. Devotees from all over India & abroad keep visiting Trayinyas to get devi's blessings.
Future plans
1 releasing books on Srividya saparya (way of worshiping Srichakra) & other books on Lalitha & her dieties.  
2 Trayinyas is working hard to conduct an international conference on Srividya in mysore with a unique way by involving upasakas of all other paramparas (like samayachara, koulachara, agora, natha & yogini) We also intend to involve people from other religions who worship Srividya in different forms (like budhism & jainism). along with all peethadipathis. This event will be conducted through seminars & workshops on Srividya from great scholars. Also the mahayagas, saparya & gurumandala puja will be performed on this occassion by the great upasakas. Dr. Haripriya Rangarajan had organized a seminor on Yantra Mantra and Tantra  in Indian Tradition at Birla museum, Hyderabad. There I met several scholars and upasakas and I gained lot of information about conducting international conference. [Dr. Haripriya rangarajan is a great scholar and has vast information on srividya and has written books on srividya.]  
3 Trayinyas has the great ambition to construct a temple which will be centralised on Srividya. The temple is being planned to build according to kalpasutras centralising Lalithamahatripurasundari as binduswaroopi. Our main intention is People suffering due to various issues should find peace & solutions by visiting this temple. as a first step towards this noble cause Trayinyas has identified land on the bank of river Kaveri.


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